Why Did God Create? Or Did He?

or DID HE???

With this, this section is over.

As an appendage, this is included.

Remember, we are looking or figuring out the situation from our point of view.

For whom is IGNORANCE, with its accompanying effects.

Only for mortal man, who himself is a product of this ignorance.

Not for God.

God cannot have ignorance in Him.

Man emerged out of this ignorance, had his play, and then resolved or terminated this ignorance.

Once ignorance in him disappeared, man who had the ignorance is also no more.

Thereafter all is well.

Hence CREATION gets terminated in man.

It is a full cycle.

It finds its completion in its process in man, what an enigma to the mystery of life.

Therefore, only a process transpired.

A process was experienced in the mind of man.

And the poor man woke up.

He woke up from his ‘WAKING DREAM’ and found that, everything is normal, back to its original state of ineffable bliss.

And nothing really happened in-between.

What is all this fuss about.