Teachings Of The Avatars

The compendium of Hindu scriptures with its accompanying literature is a veritable jungle of knowledge.

Finding one’s way and bearings through a jungle can be a difficult and tricky process.

One can invariably get lost on the way.

Especially when a mass of irrelevant material is contained in it.

Lord Krishna took the RELEVANT aspects of the ancient wisdom-knowledge of ancient India, and presented it as a teaching to the human world.

It is a very comprehensive and complex teaching, with the needful minimum metaphysics to make the subject matter intelligible to the earnest spiritual aspirant, to discern and find his spiritual way.

Thus it is not easy reading, requiring a good and a wise explanation to comprehend its trend of thought.

And the knowledge contained in the Bhagavad Gita is self-complete for man’s Salvation.

All relevant aspects of spiritual discipline is incorporated in it.

The genius of Krishna as a world teacher is manifest here.

That is why he is called a JAGAT GURU, who gave a universal teaching on the science of spiritual life.

He cleared all the religious dross which had accumulated over the years and presented a fresh teaching.

He breathed fresh air into it.

Then as years went by, once again religious dross crept into it and camouflaged the good teachings.