Jesus The Messiah

MESSIAH is the corresponding term for an AVATAR.

Messiah means, one who is ANOINTED by God.

ANOINTED means, one who is anointed with the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, which empowers him with holy wisdom and holy powers to fulfil his holy mission on planet Earth.

He openly declares it so, and says “I came from my Father”.

He also tells the woman at the Jacob’s well that “I am that Messiah referred to” in the Biblical tradition and so prophesised.

Thus the Messiah assumes a human body empowered with cosmic wisdom, knowledge and the necessary powers which go along with his mission.

Hence he is also referred to as the SON, who came directly from God, the Father.

Mortal man re-incarnates from body to body.

While the Messiah or Avatar INCARNATES.

That is why He is referred to as the incarnation of God. Each time it happens, it is a one-time act.

As He came directly from God, empowered with the wisdom and powers given to him by God.

That is why He says, I can do nothing of my own, unless it is so provided (by God) by my Father.

The Father who fathered the universe, and all beings contained within it.

Thus, God is called as Father in the Bible.

It should be noted that God is not partial, and cannot be partial.

Hence, He INCARNATES as an AVATAR or MESSIAH at different times, at different places to different races of people giving the same message of Salvation.

The message is the same, and what’s more has to be the same.

But, ignorant mortal man distorts and even perverts the teachings to suit his interests or vested interests.

The PRIESTS in position, power and authority have done so in all religious traditions.

Hence the human race, will have to re-look at the content of the scriptures with a fresh and open mind to draw its original sublime message and derive the wisdom-knowledge and inspiration from it.

Thus man will be inspired towards life and Salvation with a new refreshing understanding.

The AVATARS and the MESSIAH all taught the RELIGION OF LOVE, and not of division and hatred.

They all taught the religion of love, which unites man with man, and man with God.



God is the embodiment of LOVE, is one of the definitions for God.

If so, then for true religion to take roots in a man, there has to be love for one and all.

Jesus, The Messiah
Solely based on the teachings of Jesus, as currently available in the four Gospels, I have no doubt in my mind, that Jesus was a Messiah.

Only an extraordinary being could have given such a remarkable teaching.

The teaching in the Gospels is SELF-COMPLETE for man’s Salvation.

The three AVATARS, KRISHNA, BUDDHA and JESUS came to fulfil each other.

They complimented and supplemented each other in their teachings.

It cannot but be so.

Therefore, the human race would do well to get acquainted with their respective teachings in order to have a clear and a comprehensive grasp of the Truth-teachings contained therein.

For, they make each other more lucid and clear.

For, their combined material is the scripture of the human race.

They shed light on each other, and thereby one has to read, study and discern the teachings without bias or prejudice.

Then, one will acquire a richness of knowledge and wisdom.

I personally was interested only in the Truth and the Truth-teachings, and not in any religion.

Conventional religion of any form, had no interest for me.

They meant nothing to me.

I was interested in God and Truth.

That was the focus of my attention.

To discern the WAY.

Hence, in this on-going education, I am trying to bring out the WAY as presented in the scriptures by the AVATARS.

None of their teachings contain any religious affiliations, or even overtones.

In fact, in order to get enlightened, that is to arrive at Moksha or Nirvana, one must transcend religion with its conventional practices and belief systems.