Teachings Of The Avatars Part 2

This situation paved the way for the next AVATAR to descend.

Thus Buddha arrived on the scene to purge the Hindu structure of the dross accumulated over centuries of priest-craft.

He too, like Krishna, brought out and projected the essential features necessary for man’s Salvation, and presented a new format.

This format was simple, direct, uncomplicated and free of metaphysics.

In the process he discarded pagan worship of idols and images and Vedic rituals as non-relevant, for the path of Moksha or Enlightenment.

Thus Lord Buddha presented the total essence of ancient Indian mystical spiritual knowledge and wisdom in his sermons.

It should be noted that the Buddhists do not consider the Buddha as an AVATAR.

Buddha too never used the word God anywhere.

For if he did, then once again people would foolishly worship the various gods and demi-gods and thereby get side-tracked from the true path of Salvation.

This would defeat his glorious mission of propounding the right way towards Enlightenment.

Ironically both used the term NIRVANA in their respective teachings.

It is also interesting to note that both negated pagan Vedic rituals.

Krishna expressly negated and condemned Vedic rituals in the Bhagavad Gita in chapter 2 verses 42-45.

While Buddha ignored it as unworthy of attention.

Both projected the daily performance of action KARMAS only as a sanctifying process for man’s Liberation.

Thus, both projected the RIGHT VIEW, RIGHT KNOWLEDGE and revealed the WAY to live life with spiritual wisdom.

Thereafter came Jesus as a Messiah to complete the teachings of the two earlier Avatars with a flourish and to stamp it with Divine Authority.

He spoke with authority, which was resented by the priests.

He spoke in SUTRA-like cryptic TRUTH statements.

These statements are gems of spiritual wisdom-knowledge.

He also gave teachings in parables.

His life too was a teaching.

Thus if Buddha’s teachings were the essence of the ancient mystic wisdom-knowledge of India, then the CREAM of the knowledge of both Buddha and Krishna was enunciated by Jesus in short cryptic truth statements.

Hence the human world will do well to obtain this wisdom from the above three Avatars.

For, it is their heritage. Meant for them.