Teachings Of The Avatars Part 4

Once the right knowledge and understanding is obtained, then one should make the requisite self-effort.

Thereafter the Grace of God transpires to effect and complete the whole process towards Salvation.

RIGHT UNDERSTANDING, RIGHT SELF-EFFORT and GRACE is the triple means which completes the whole process.

And the three Avatars or Messiahs came to project and fulfil this purpose in their lives and teachings.

And not to project a religion each different and distinct from each other.

Religion is the handiwork of ignorant man to keep people in ignorant servitude.

Hence ignore religions.


GOD has no religion and has nothing to do with any religion
Hence to obtain the proper understanding one must take recourse to the teachings given by the three world teachers.

They mutually supplement each other and enhance the wisdom-knowledge.

They do not contradict each other, for how could they, but compliment each other.

For, AVATARS cannot contradict each other and did not come to so contradict each other.

Hence sympathetically proceed into the study of the Bhagavad Gita, the teachings of the Buddha and the four Gospels contained in the Bible.

In this, do not permit your bias and prejudice or even hostility to impede and block you from your holy venture of obtaining the holy wisdom and understanding.

That is why, that which imparts this holy wisdom is called the HOLY BIBLE and the HOLY GITA.

I who was schooled in the Hindu tradition and who is also well acquainted with the profound teachings of Lord Buddha, am amazed at the spiritual wisdom teachings of Jesus, as contained in the four Gospels.

Let not the CHURCH DOCTRINE come in your way of understanding and apprehending Jesus’s teaching.

Jesus taught what Krishna taught, and what was also taught in the Upanishads.

He re-worded, and re-phrased the ancient mystic truths.

That is why, Jesus says “I CAME TO FULFILL the law and not to destroy it.”

Yes, He came not only to fulfil the Jewish tradition, but also to fulfil the ancient universal spiritual tradition of the human race.

Hence approach it with an unbiased, FRESH MIND.

And thereby you will garner and gather a wealth of wisdom.

Therefore the combined three is your scripture.

Furthermore, you are the theme and the subject matter of the scriptures.

For, it is you, who has the problem, not God.

As you do not know ‘WHO I AM’.

Therefore you are searching for your identity.

Until you discover yourself, you will be in disquiet.

Thus, God discloses your true identity in the scriptures.

In the Upanishads, He declares; “YOU ARE THAT”, TAT TWAM ASI. You are the Divine in your real nature.

In the Hebrew language, the meaning of the word GOD is; “I AM, THAT I AM.”

THAT invisible DIVINE am I.

The truth is.

No-one doubts his existence.

The only thing is, the nature of his existence is not clear.

So really speaking, man is on a great quest.

To become immortal like the gods.

Therefore human life is the uncovering of God in man.

What a destiny has he.


The Hindu scripture declares;


The knower of Brahman, becomes Brahman.


How to know???

The ongoing dialogue will gradually reveal.

But, let’s get all the understanding clear.

Jesus says “YOU ARE GODS” (Gospel of John 10-34).

Then Jesus also discloses the triple identity of oneness which exists between Jesus and the Father and their respective identity of oneness with man. (Gospel of John in the Bible 14-21-23).

Thus the unity of man with God is disclosed.

This is astounding knowledge.

No wonder, mortal man fails to grasp the full import of this frightening declaration.

He shrinks from it.

For, it entails him to be god-like in order to be God.

Therefore mortal man has evolved a religion of convenience to suit his human passions.