Teachings Of The Avatars Part 3

Then, to sum up the section on AVATARS;
It could be said that Krishna propounded the science or the spiritual science of the mystic wisdom-knowledge needful for man’s Salvation in THEORY and PRACTICE.

Thus he projected the needful understanding which is necessary to lead a spiritual life.

If one proceeds in any pursuit, one cannot successfully do so without a proper knowledge.

This understanding and knowledge was given by Krishna in his teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.

But, since the Bhagavad Gita is complex in its teachings, it requires a good explanation to comprehend its substance and line of thought.

I would advise the reader to take recourse to my explanatory commentary on the third chapter of the Gita to obtain a grasp of the Gita teachings of Lord Krishna.

It is available to download here; “WISDOM IN ACTION”, though unfortunately not in book-stores.

Then Buddha stressed and emphasised the need for SELF-EFFORT in the right way to obtain Liberation from the ills of human existence.

Thereafter came Jesus, who indicated GRACE as a final means for Salvation.


It should be noted that each is linked to the other in the scheme of man’s Liberation.