Revelation: or Scriptural Authority Part 8

Thus the Mystics the world over have experienced the Divine within.

They confirm it.

The stamp of confirmation is there.

When Swami Vivekananda asked the saint Ramakrishna, “have you seen God”.

The reply was “yes my boy, more intensely than I see you”.

The Saint of Jaffna, YOGA SWAMI said “I have good news for you. God is”.

The nun, Sister Catherine, the mystic Guru of the 12th century German Mystic Meister Eckhart attained oneness with God.

But she forbade him to tell anyone.

Lest she be crucified or disturbed by the church.

Thus many a Christian Mystic lived incognito.

This was in sharp contrast to the Hindu Mystics of India.

In India they were openly acknowledged, and interacted with as men of God.

Their Godly wisdom was received.

While in the Christian west, their wisdom would conflict with the Church Doctrine.

This wisdom reinforced the knowledge of the scriptures.

Furthermore, they were a living source of inspiration for others to emulate.

Thus the good news of the scriptures gets reinforced with logical reasoning, and with the personal experience of the wise.

This is the triple foundation on which spiritual knowledge is based.

For the wise affirm the pronouncements of the scriptures, and as an experience confirm it, as a practical Reality.

That is to know God and be God.

The highest, aspiration open to mortal man.

The Hindu scripture pronounces;


The knower of BRAHMAN verily becomes Brahman.