On Creation

The scriptures speak of creation in many ways.

Signifying, that none of them are real.

If it was real, then you as an individual in creation would have no hope of Salvation.

Because then you too are real, and thereby you cannot get away or lose your individual reality.

But since you are not real, you can get away from it or even lose it.

That is why Jesus said, when you lose your life, you will find it.

That is find everlasting life.

If that be the case, then why do the scriptures speak of creation.

It is only to pinpoint or explain the problem standing in front of you, describe it, and then take you out of it.

The Universe is the problem. What is it?

Then you too are a problem. Who am I really?

Thus creation and its process is described, so that through creation, it wants to take you out of creation to its source, by an INVERSE PROCESS.

The Upanishads explain this INVERSE PROCESS.

The source is the REALITY, which is the Divine and thereby THE SCRIPTURE informs you, HOW TO GET BACK to your Divine Source, and experience the INEFFABLE BLISSFUL STATE OF DIVINE EXISTENCE.

Thereby you are restored back to your original state.

In-between you found yourself transported to a mythical state of existence.

Thank God, that it is a myth.

If not, you will have no hope of recovery.

Once you are back, what a relief.

Now who cares, as to whatever happened in-between.

You are happy to be back.

Then you realise something remarkable???

I will leave it to you to discern it.