Buddha Avatar Part 3

Furthermore Lord Buddha synthesised the ancient mystic wisdom of ancient India, and gave it a NEW FORMAT.

He de-mystified it, and gave a simple direct teaching, bereft of Metaphysics.

This was His primary mission.

Along with this He totally ignored VEDIC rituals, as non-relevant towards Salvation.

Also, He disregarded pagan worship of all gods and demi-gods.

As, such worship side-tracked one from the main intent and thrust of life leading to the state of Moksha or Enlightenment.

Thus He was a REFORMER.

That was the purpose of His Avatarhood.

Just as Jesus came to reform and revitalise the prevalent religion at that time and inject it with new blood and give it a new spirit, so also Buddha gave a new format, and revitalised the WAY to Salvation, which got camouflaged by vedic paganism, which was catering to the lower human impulse of man.