Buddha Avatar Part 2

Soon after Buddha’s teaching, and also after the advent of Emperor Ashoka, Buddhism took its roots in India and flourished as the religion of the people.

Buddhist monasteries were opened in India.

The nett result was, BRAHMIN PAGANISM was on the wane and declined.

This REFORMATION lasted for a thousand years.

Thereafter, after the advent of Shankara, india reverted back to its old pagan worship and ritualistic practices.

This is the current living religion of India today.

Even though Shankara wrote voluminous commentaries on the Hindu scriptures, nevertheless, he re-introduced pagan worship and its accompanying pagan rituals back into the mainstream of life.

It was the religion of convenience catering to the lower-mind structure and impulse of people.

For, people like to worship or hero-worship anything, be it living, or even stone images.

Thus Lord Buddha’s sublime teachings declined in India, but took its roots the world over.

To compound matters further Buddha’s teachings were deliberately distorted and wrongly projected as ATHEISTIC.

The sublime content of NIBBANA, was the basis for mutual antagonism between the Hindus and the Buddhists.

Buddhist NIBBANA was Hindu NIRVANA.

NIBBANA is a PALI word, and NIRVANA is the corresponding SANSKRIT word.

Both refer to the same STATE which gets experienced.

But these scholars who had no experience of Nirvana or Nibbana created this difference between the two systems.

Once the content of Nirvana is understood, there would be harmony between the two systems.

In fact, Shankara’s Guru’s guru GAUDAPADA wrote a magnificent treatise on MANDUKYA UPANISHAD called the ‘MANDUKYA UPANISHAD KARIKA’.

One of its four sections called the ‘ALATHASHANTI PRAKARANA’ corroborates the teachings of Buddha, and confirms the diagnosis of Buddha, that it is all in the mind.

It is a MIND-GAME.

If the mind is, then the universe is.

If the mind is not, then the universe is not.

It is all in the mind.

Resolve and douse the mind, and it’s all over.

What is over?

The problem of human existence is over.

Thereafter Nirvana or Nibbana transpires.

So really speaking, it is GAUDAPADA who should be referred to as ‘PRASCHANNA BUDDHA’ – the hidden Buddha, and not Shankara.

As Shankara projected religion with its practices by opening up temples etc. with temple worship.

Thus he reverted India back into BRAHMIN PAGANISM.

In the ‘Yoga Vashista’, which is a popular text in India, we find a very pertinent reference to the mind;
MIND alone is the cause of human bondage and liberation too.

When the mind attains to the state of NO-MIND or of not being the mind, then Nirvana transpires.

Refer to my little book on this matter.


This is only meant for seekers who wish to proceed towards Nirvana.

The WAY to do so from A to Z, was what the Buddha taught.

He spoke of this from one point of view.

While Lord Krishna gave a very complete METAPHYSICAL teaching from another point of view.

But, both lead you to the same end result.

Lord Krishna gave a very comprehensive teaching containing the whole spectrum of the ancient YOGIC MYSTICAL WISDOM-KNOWLEDGE in the Bhagavad Gita.

But the human race is yet to fully decipher and capture the spirit of Krishna’s teaching in its various Sanskrit commentaries written during the last thousand years.

In my simple humble way, I have tried to bring out the spirit of Krishna’s teaching in my ENGLISH commentaries of the Bhagavad Gita.

WISDOM IN ACTION’ is already published and is available.

While two more are in print form and will be available soon.