Buddha Avatar

Was He an Avatar?

In the Indian Hindu system, He was not prophesised so.

Rightly so.


Because His Mission was different.

It was to show mankind that Salvation or Liberation has to be ACHIEVED WITH DUE RIGHT EFFORT.

Even to have food on your table, you will have to work for it.

So too also to attain Enlightenment or Nirvana you will have to make the appropriate effort in the right direction.

The Saint of JAFFNA, Yoga Swami, who lived in the last century, once said;
That he had to make a mountain of effort to attain Nirvana.

This statement is applicable to one and all who so aspire to attain Enlightenment.

Then, what about GRACE.

GRACE of GOD is axiomatic in the process.

It is always there present.

The nineteenth century Saint of India, RAMAKRISHNA makes reference to GRACE and says;
The GRACE of GOD is always there and dawns on man in due course.

Therefore SELF-EFFORT and GRACE go together.

They are the two wings on which, one soars to NIRVANA.

The remarkable thing about GRACE is that even if you do not acknowledge it, you will still receive it.

Then what about Salvation by Grace.

Yes, to so receive this GRACE you will have to so POSITION YOUSELF.

This is your EFFORT.

Buddha spoke of this enigmatically.

I will not digress and dilate on this at present.

Then, once again refer to my CD’s on what the Buddha taught.

Then BUDDHA AVATAR was specifically meant to convey the significance of Liberation by strenuous SELF-EFFORT.

This great truth, He LIVED and SHOWED mankind.

Therefore there is no mention of GOD or GRACE.

Even when Ananda, his disciple asked him, “Is there a God” Buddha in his wisdom maintained a silence.

Hence there is no reference or prophesy on Buddha Avatar in the Hindu context.

Because if it was mentioned, it would defeat the purpose of His MISSION.

Then once again people would worship the various gods and thereby revert back and sink into the same fallacy as they had before.

Hence to check them from this fallacy, no mention is made of the word God.

In fact Lord BUDDHA was the first reformer of the HINDU RELIGION, or to say of the religion from its pagan worship and pagan ritualistic practices.

Hence Buddha’s teachings were looked upon with disdain by the Brahmin priests of India.

Nevertheless Buddhism became the religion of India for a thousand years altogether.

Nevertheless, today the people are gradually and grudgingly beginning to acknowledge Buddha as an AVATAR.

But the Buddhists do not, the world over.

This is to be so consistent with the teachings of Buddha.

Nevertheless all said and done, the main thrust and purpose of Buddha Avatar is three-fold.

  2. The performance of daily action is the only ritual, which would ennoble and sanctify the performer.
  3. Focussed attention on NIBBANA is the WAY and there is no need to propitiate and supplicate the various gods and demi-gods for whatever purpose. It is totally irrelevant.