What Is The Truth? Part 5

Immanuel Kant the German philosopher came to a fascinating and momentous conclusion.

Seeing the Universe, he postulated, that for the seen Universe, there must be an unseen cause.

But he added that the unseen cause is unknowable.

Of course it is unknowable to the human mind.

The mind has to transcend itself to fathom it.

As the mind is an inbuilt mechanism to process the world.

Technically the mind has to arrive at the state of being no more the mind.

No-mind, no Universe.

The spinning of the mind has crystalized as the Universe.

The Mandukya Upanishad in its karika explains this phenomenon.

The spinning mind is compared to a fire ignited whirling stick.

When it is whirled a circular fire is seen.

So too, the spinning mind has manifested a whole Universe.

This fact is self- evident to one and all in a dream phenomenon.

In a dream, it is a mind whirling.

When it stops the creation is over.

What a relief.

The spinning stops, and the seen Universe collapses.

Along with this the seer too collapses, the seer, the seen and the seeing disappear together.

What a mind boggling issue?

This Universe which collapses & dies and disappears is the RELATIVE REALITY.

Where does it collapse?

In one’s mind itself.

This fact was also symbolically indicated at the very moment when Jesus was crucified.

The Earth trembled.

Of course when an Earthquake takes place everything crumbles.

Therefore this baffling mystery, though baffling is significant.

Why did the Earth tremble?

Why did the curtain in the Temple get ripped from top to bottom?

The church had no answer to this.

They were unexplained phenonema.

But they had a mystical esoteric teaching.

Therefore the life and teaching of Jesus is very significant.

His very life itself was a teaching for mortal man to emulate, to live by and attain salvation.

Salvation means to return back from where you came.

Jesus repeatedly emphasised this fact.

He states; I came from my Father and shall return back to Him.

So too you.

In this process, the mind too collapses.

But, one does not collapse.

As one is now transported to another level of existence which transcends the space time framework and one enters the timeless, spaceless state of Absolute Existence.

This transpires as the FINALE in religious experience.

The process to effect this is the living and practice of true religion. (Not the mumbo jumbo of religious beliefs and practices).

If you were not this Truth (as the Absolute existence) you cannot know it.

Since you are It you can experience IT.

If not, you cannot.


In that State you exist without a body, and know everything spontaneously without a mind.

WHY? and HOW?

To know this, know the nature of this Absolute Existence?