What Is The Nature Of This Absolute Reality? Part 1

But in order to understand this, let us first look into ourselves, our human state of existence.

What do we want?

Firstly we want to exist for ever.

This is a hearts longing.

Then we want to be perfect, self complete and whole in our existence.

When this transpires we would be happy and self-content, requiring nothing and wanting nothing.

Then we would be at peace with ourselves.

Worded otherwise we would TRULY R.I.P. (Rest In Peace).

At present on physical death, on the tombstone R.I.P. is written.

But, when you truly die to yourself (while alive) you will attain to this wonderous state.

That is why Jesus said, “when you lose yourself, you will truly live”.

Jesus had to practically demonstrate this profound truth, with his physical crucifixion, in order to be

resurrected as the Divine.

It is indeed unpleasant to lose and let go of something which is dear to one, which is one’s own individuality.

This was the final drama in his life.

Or was it???

You must die to your ego-self- your individuality.

Then you will live in your true Absolute Existence.

This Absolute Existence is self-complete, whole and one.

It is non fragmented.

While at present you are fragmented, feel incomplete, searching for ways and means to become complete, whole and one.

This is your hearts longing.

You may or may not want God, but you want this.

And this to happen to you.

Therefore the first component of your search is clear.


Until you attain to this, you will never be truly happy.