What Is The Nature Of This Absolute Reality? Part 3

Then the third component of your human existence is, you are constantly looking for joy and happiness in life.

This is an integral part of your human existence, to seek for this joy of being.

But joy comes and goes.

You want this joy to be constant and permanent.

Thus the third component of your longing in your human existence, is that you want “PERRENIAL JOY”.

This fact was revealed by Jesus in the episode of the Jacob’s well with the Samaritan woman.

(Gospel of John 4.15) The “spring” of everlasting joy which welling as a perennial “spring” within would quench her thirst forever.

The Upanishads too declare this;

That BRAHMAN, the ATMAN is all Bliss.

Now, the remarkable thing is, all three aspects percolate into our human existence via the mind-body complex in minute doses enriching our existence.

We all love to exist, love to know, love to be happy.

This is the initial premise for further enquiry.

This is our working hypotheses.

Then What is That Reality- whose personal experience would confer the fulfillment of life?