Absolute Reality Part 1

Therefore, having understood the nature and the longing of our human existence, we are in a

position to understand and, comprehend the nature of this Absolute Reality.

The Hindu scriptures declare this and define it,


SAT means Absolute Existence.

CHIT means Absolute Knowledge.

And Absolute Consciousness.

ANANDA means Absolute Bliss.

If not for this declaration, we would have no way of knowing it.

Knowing that it is so.

This is the DEFINITION for GOD.


That is why Jesus states in the “Sermon on the Mount” in the Gospel of Matthew (5.48) “Be you perfect as your Father in heaven is PERFECT.”

So it is clear that God is perfected existence.

This existence is what everyone wants and aspires for.

You may or may not want God, but you want this to happen to you.

If you get it, you will be delirious with happiness.

But, for any good thing, you will have to pay the price for it, or the price will have to be paid for.

And the price is, you will have to sacrifice something which is very dear to you.

And that which is dearest to you, is yourself; your human individuality.

And this you will have to lose.

That is why Jesus said; “When you lose your life you will find it”. (Matt 10.39) that is you will be truly alive.

That is, lose your false identity.

The entire teaching of Lord Buddha is, how to lose yourself. Your false or pseudo self.

Your pseudo self is constituted of the PANCHA SKANDHAS.


The sum total of all five skandhas is your false identity.

Leave what is false and regain your true happiness, in being what you are not.

Your current existence as an individual is an error.

When the error is cleared all will be well with you.

And you are the error.

Hence let go the error. Don’t cling onto it.

Die to yourself and you shall be truly alive.

An existence, which exists without a body, and knows everything without a mind.

Nor does it exist in space, and nor is time applicable to it.

In this Absolute Consciousness, duality is absent.

I and you, I and the Universe is the duality.

This DUALITY is absent. Thus it is NON-DUAL Consciousness.

Hence to arrive at this, maintain the non-dual awareness.

This is the starting point of your Spiritual journey.

What a mind boggling issue.

To boggle your mind further, the scripture states;

It is more atomic than the atom,

And vaster and bigger than the biggest.

How can one be simultaneously both?

This statement makes you pause!

With this the teaching is over.

Anyhow let us continue;

This Supreme Absolute Consciousness has no location.

Don’t search for it here and there.

It is here, it is there, and it is everywhere and still it is nowhere.

Just like the sub-atomic particles.

You cannot PIN-POINT THEIR location. What an irony.

God’s existence too is a baffling mystery.

This mystery provides the key to its discovery.

Animatedly be in a suspended state.