The Why Of All This

Thus we see the two tracks from two different perspectives.

The FORM, and the SHADOW.


At HIGH NOON the shadow merges into the form.

So also on enlightenment, life in the creation is over.

Then to the question, the WHY of all this.

The answer is, IT IS SO.

The whole process of creation is inbuilt into the system from time immemorial, and linked with the Divine, as its centre and fulcrum of operations.

If you want to question God on this matter, ask Him, when you meet Him.

The only thing is, you will become speechless with awe and wonder, when you do so.

And at that time, everything would be clear.

Until then, try to understand what has been mentioned in the above 42 sections of these teachings.

The mystery and the riddle would seem to open out.

Thereafter you would be able to peacefully and confidently go about the process and the operation of living life.

For, the initial ignorance is somewhat cleared.

Live patiently with the acquired wisdom, until ignorance gets totally cleared.