Six Anadi – Six Beginningless Substances

The metaphysics of ADVAITA VEDANTA speaks of six beginningless substances.

It re-classifies and sub-classifies the two tracks into six components.

  1. BRAHMAN – The Divine.
  2. MAYA – The seed-state as POTENTIAL ENERGY.
  3. The eternal connection between the above two.
  4. Then due to the connection between the PURE CONSCIOUSNESS – (BRAHMAN), and MAYA, the phenomenon called ISHWARA as CREATOR naturally transpires.
  5. Also due to the connection between the PURE CONSCIOUSNESS-BRAHMAN and AVIDYA-IGNORANCE, the phenomenon called the individual-(JIVA) naturally transpires.
    The difference is;
    Ishwara as the CREATOR has MAYA under his total control.
    While the INDIVIDUAL, is the victim of AVIDYA-IGNORANCE, and is overpowered by it. That is has ignorance.
  6. Then the connection which exists between ISHWARA-GOD and the INDIVIDUAL-JIVA.
    Then on enlightenment BRAHMAN alone is.

The Divine alone exists.

The other five get resolved into Brahman.

Neither is there a creation, nor a creator god as Ishwara, nor the created individual soul.

But, until enlightenment, there is a connection between man and God.

Never forget this.

The GRACE of God (Ishwara) is needed for man.