The Theory of Non-Creation – Ajatavada

This is the PINNACLE of Metaphysics as per the KARIKA of the MANDUKYA UPANISHAD.

What creation are you talking about.

There never was a creation.

You are a creation, because the mind is WHIRLING.

When a stick is ignited with fire, and twirled or whirled a circular fire is seen.

When the twirling stops, the form of the circular fire disappears.

So also with the creation, the mind is whirling and spinning and the net result is a universe.

The spinning mind loses its energy, and stops and the creation vanishes into thin air, forever.

Therefore douse the mind of its energy content and you will promptly be in NIRVANA.

That is why Buddha said, the whole world is aflame with passion.

With respect to this, I once had a heated discussion with a Buddhist teacher from Sri Lanka, who was travelling the world giving sermons on Buddhism.

I was young then, in my mid-twenties, living as a hermit in a mud and grass hut in RISHIKESH.

He visited me and we began talking.

The talking got hotter and hotter and I began projecting the, THEORY OF NON-CREATION.

Then he exclaimed, this is what Buddhism is talking about.

And we were in happy agreement over the non-fact of creation.

In the meanwhile, the Swami from the neighbouring hut peeped in to see whether we were not coming to blows over our heated discussion on the fiction of creation.

Perhaps, he was not sure, whether the phantom of a creation was causing so much of a commotion.
The commotion was not in the creation.

Only in the two minds.

When the dust of language subsides, all is well.

When the mind attains to a STATE OF NO MIND, THE CREATION IS OVER.

Herein I reproduce an article written by me to a religious journal, more than forty years ago on the position of “THE THEORY OF NON-CREATION – AJATHA VADA.

It explains, why there never is a creation at all.

A creation never occurred at any time and exists only in the mind of the perceiver, as a conjured up phantom, causing consternation to the perceiver, who is himself an effect of the process.

When you have a disease, don’t go to the poor doctor and ask him, how you got it.

He himself does not know.

He can’t read your body.

The inert machines tell him.

What may be wrong with you, and what medicines you may take.

Thus, he says I have the cure for you, but don’t ask me, how you got your disease.

Similarly here too, you find yourself in the Universe, don’t sit and brood over it, but find a WAY TO GET OUT. Out of this unenviable process.


LIVE and GET OUT. But don’t forget to take your medicines on a regular basis.

The EIGHT-FOLD PATH is one of them.


They are all different NAME BRANDS for the same medicine.

The treatment is the same.

Thus, when you attain Salvation, you will know that you have been restored back to your original state.

That you never left it at any time.

And what happened in between was a myth.

Since you are a myth.

You will have to lose yourself.

That is why Jesus says;
“When you lose your life, you will find it.”

You are a myth, the world is a myth, and your problem too is a myth.

Thus the scriptures, sympathetically treat you with your fictional existence in the Universe.

This is AJATA VADA. The theory of NON-CREATION.

THE ARTICLE IS AS FOLLOWS: Ajatavada – The Theory of Non-Creation