Instantaneous Creation

Everyone is familiar with this.

In every dream, an instantaneous creation transpires.

In it, there is a dreamer – dream individual,

there is a dream world,
and a dream experience.

The package is complete.

At that time it is very real.

And you are helplessly participating and moving in it.

It is so, until you wake up.

Then you either smile it away or dismiss it away.

Of course with a great deal of relief, and give it no further significance or importance.

Of course, you know that nothing really happened.

But what has happened there.

It was only an energised mind, spinning with a vortex of energy.

It is very clear to you, that there is an energy or an impulse within you.

It is this impulse which is activating your mind.

This is the situation of your waking life too.

That is why all the scriptures of the world uniformly advocate DISPASSION. But the teachers do not tell you why.

Cool off your passions.

And the energy and the spin will subside.

That is why Lord Buddha said, the whole world is AFLAME WITH PASSION.

And the state of Nirvana would be attained on the cooling off of the passions. NIR + VANA means absence of passions.

This definition is negatively stated.

If this impulse or energy subsides in you, then you and the waking world will collapse.

WHERE? In your mind.

This state is called as ADYATMIKA PRALAYA.

That is the worlds-end transpires within.

Don’t look for it to happen outside.

It will happen within you.

But, don’t be afraid when it happens.

You won’t collapse.

Instead you will be transported to another level of blissful existence.

That is why Buddha said NIRVANA PARAMAN SUKHAM.

That is Nirvana is great bliss or is blissful.

Now this definition is positively stated.

And your mind too, would be no more.

As your mind is a mind, due to this impulse and energy.

Thus, once again all will be well.

This phenomenon is called as DRISTI-SRISTI VADA.

That is, creation transpires on perception.

And both collapse simultaneously when the perception ceases.

That is, the perceiving individual, and the perceived Universe.

So it is all in the mind.

Thus it is stated in a text called Yoga-Vashista;


“The MIND is the cause of human bondage.

And it is the same MIND which is the cause of liberation too.”

Thus, the mind is of two orders.

The pure mind, and the impure mind.

The pure mind leads one to Salvation.

The impure mind leads to human bondage.

The mind associated with good thoughts and feelings is said to be pure.

While the mind associated with impure thoughts and impure feelings is said to be unholy and impure.

The defiled mind is constituted of;


The capacity to inflict HARM and INJURY.

These negative states are to be overcome and neutralised.

That is why Jesus states in the “SERMON ON THE MOUNT” of the Gospels;


One must make PEACE with oneself.

Thus, only when one is at PEACE with oneself, will one have the capacity to maintain the SERENE FLOW OF AWARENESS.

This serene flow of awareness has momentous significance.

Thus it is all in the mind.

The undisturbed mind.

Where creation begins and ends.

In this DRISTI-SRISTI VADA, i.e. creation on perception;

When you create, you are BRAHMA, the creator.

When you sustain your creation, you are VISHNU, the maintainer.

And when you end your creation you are SIVA, the terminator of your creation.

Then if that be the case, why are you worshipping them???


This concept of creation-on-perception is the SOLUTION to the problem.

The PROBLEM is, one is confronted with a creation.

It is the Lord’s creation.

The scriptures advocate it so.

It is quite clear, that you cannot and that you are incapable of bringing about such a marvellous and wondrous creation, which is awe-inspiring and a marvel.

You wonder very much, how a black cow eating green grass could produce white milk.

Even the cow is astonished.

So are you too.


For whose benefit?

For yours.

Experience it, and GET OUT.

Once you are tired of it, you will want to get out.

That is what is called as, losing your passion for the world.

Hence the concept of creation-on-perception is presented as a SOLUTION to the PROBLEM.

This problem is creation first, and perception subsequently.

This is SRISTI-CREATION first,


Therefore correct your perception,

and the perception disappears.

The perception is due to the ENERGY content in the mind.

When this energy content in the mind subsides, the mind too will subside.

All agitations in the mind will subside.

Then you will become still.

In the Bible in PSALMS 46.10, it is mentioned;


Be mentally still.

This is one of the greatest Biblical statements.

Opening out a wealth of Spiritual truths.

The Truth is “I AM GOD”.

Then, how to be and become God.

“BE mentally still”.

The entire spiritual solution is presented here in this one sentence.

It has two phrases.

Then, every form has a shadow.

At high noon the shadow disappears into the form.

So too also, the REALITY and the shadow.

The shadow is the universe.

It merges into the Reality.

Hence be still. It is the high noon of your life.

It is the prelude, to the whole process.

The swansong will occur later, when you have mastered the act.

The ACT has three components.

To master the act, live your life.

Live your life with joy, compassion and wisdom.

Wisdom balances your life.

Compassion enriches your life, embraces all of creation, dissolving all barriers and unifies you into the ONENESS OF EXISTENCE.

Joy sustains living and dynamizes it.

It is the dynamo of your life enabling you to proceed on with unfailing enthusiasm.

Thus, being STILL, dissolving the creation.

But the creation will continue for others.

Just as, when you are asleep, the world continues for others, and is vividly present to them.

So also, when you get enlightened to your true Divine nature within, the world will still continue for others.

But you and all the individual beings and the creation would be no more for you.

For, you are the problem with the creation.

This is now no more.

You have woken up from your waking dream world.

It was a waking nightmare.

Think no more of it.

It was an embarrassment to say the least.

It’s a relief to come out of it. Just as you come out of a dream, with all the people vanishing into thin air.

This concept of the waking dream phenomena is the:


It is termed as EKA JIVA VADA.

The concept of ONE JIVA – one individual, for whom the whole WAKING DREAM process transpired.

Hence the SOLUTION is within you.


Wake up to your reality.

Just as, when a sleeping man is woken up by calling his name.

So also, ISHWARA (GOD) will similarly wake you up.

Therefore, finally God will wake you up to your Reality.


This is done by an ACT OF DIVINE GRACE.

Hence become ready to be woken up.

But to be woken up, first enter the realm “WHERE” the awakening takes place.