The Way to Brahman – full length version [Video]

1. Brahman is the term used for the state of enlightenment.
2. When enlightened, one at times is indrawn; at times is aware of the
3. The threefold process of sravana (hearing the scriptural texts),
manana (reflecting over what one had heard and been taught), and
nididhyasana (advaita meditation) to attain the state of Brahman.
4. The Atman within is termed as Brahman without, so therefore Atman is
5. Thus via the scriptures the unknown Brahman is mentally made known.
6. The meaning and the sense of the term Brahman.
7. Brahman is non-dual existence. Non-dual Awareness is the way.
8. The three impediments towards this non-dual Awareness:
a) socio-religious;
b) psychological;
c) inability.
9. Manana or reflection is meant for the heart to resonate with the
teachings and with Brahman. By this, in due course, advaita vasana,
which is the tendency towards non-dual Awareness, dawns.
10. Nididdhyasana is advaita meditation.
11. What is non-dual Awareness?
12. When your mind-state synchronises with Brahman, then it is non-dual
13. The purpose of maintaining non-dual Awareness.