The Sublime Mystical Teachings of Jesus in the 4 Gospels Full Version [Video]

1. The cream of mystic wisdom.
2. Jesus taught in four ways.
3. The mystical significance of the crucifixion – its real purpose.
4. Gospel means “good news”. What is the good news?
5. It reveals the way to Salvation or Enlightenment.
6. All parables are interconnected – one leads to another.
7. Harvest time is the world’s end.
8. World’s end transpires in your own mind.
9. The third parable reveals the “good news”.
10. Only a special person could tell you what the “good news” is.
11. Nurture the “good news”.
12. Why should people go to the church in their Sunday best is revealed in another parable.
13, The declaration of Jesus at the Jacob’s well as to who he is.
14. Ask for the Holy Spirit.
15. What is meant as Baptism with water?
16. What transpires when you get Baptised with the Holy Spirit?
17. Seek for the WAY: the good teachings.
18. THE VOICE OF GOD: Be alert to the Voice of God; keep vigil for the Voice of God.
19. What is sin as per Jesus?
20. What is spiritual darkness?
21. What is the God vision?

All this is a prelude to the much more in depth class session teachings of the Gospel of
Matthew presented in 33 parts – start watching here…