On Love – The Basis Of Human Existence

The whole world is searching for LOVE.

Why don’t you give it?

LOVE is the centre of all existence in whatever form it may transpire.

LOVE makes you happy, makes others happy.

So why not provide it.

LOVE wants to give, wants to share, and also wants to serve.

A MOTHER is a beautiful example of this.

So too, a good woman.

That is why, God has created a woman.

To open out the dormant love in man.

Then why has God created man?

To receive this love of a woman and so open out the dormant love within and return this love, lovingly with loving-care and appreciation.

That is why, a man has to lovingly care for his woman.

By this process, both bloom, one as a man, the other as a woman.

Thus never be unkind to any woman.

For, she is dependent on you for her protection and well-being.

The gods will not forgive you.

For, you owe them a DEBT.

For bringing you out into this world, and nurturing and caring for you, when you were a totally helpless baby toddler in your first formative years.

She was a source of strength and comfort for you.

Notwithstanding her own attributes, you are beholden to her.

Three powerful and influential men in the world in recent times namely Napoleon, Stalin and Winston Churchill were greatly influenced by their respective mothers, and appreciated and admired them for what they were.

This truth is quite evident in Churchill’s life.

She groomed him to be a prime minister.

So also each mother grooms her beloved son.

But, what to do, the poor chap ends up as a bride-groom, to be groomed over the years.

So, man as well, may as well resign to his fate.

Love doesn’t expect anything in return.

It is the sheer joy of giving and receiving.

That itself is life. That itself is LOVE.

It is the giving and receiving of love.

It enriches you.

Makes you a beautiful, loving person.

What more do you want.

Everything else in whatever form is secondary.

If you have LOVE, you have everything.

If you do not have LOVE, you have nothing, even if you have all the estates and wealth.

It will amount to nothing, because you will feel hollow and empty.

While if you have LOVE, you will always feel full and well, even if you have very little.

LOVE completes your life, fulfils your existence.

It paves the WAY towards the desired God-experience.

For, God cannot be obtained without LOVE flowing and emanating out of you, and embracing the whole of humanity and all existence into one whole symphony of being and existence.

It is your symphony of being with multifarious beings, like in an ORCHESTRA of diverse instruments striking the music of sweet resonance.


So why not strike your RESONANCE with all life forms.



While, what blocks this FLOW OF LOVE, is the EGO with its diverse trappings of loves and hates, envies and jealousies, anger and hatred, passions and desires, pride and vanity, likes and dislikes.

The more you have them, the more will you be unhappy.

The less, will make you at peace with yourself.

So what do you want?

To be at discord with yourself.

Or to be at PEACE with yourself.

So you are the source or the enemy of your peace.


So, others are there to enable you to open out your LOVE, or rather unfold your LOVE, lying dormant within yourself.

Like a bud, blooming and blossoming as a flower of immense beauty and fragrance.

A flower cannot so bloom without the presence and the ACTIVE PARTICIPATION of the surrounding WATER, EARTH, AIR, SPACE, LIGHT, THE RAYS OF THE SUN, AND THE MOON BEAMS AND THE HEAT FROM THE SUN.

Also, it needs the tree to derive its sap, and its foliage of leaves too to so bloom as a flower.

So its unique existence as a beautiful flower is dependent and interrelated with its surroundings, to so bloom.
If not, not.

So is the case with mortal MAN TOO.

He flowers as a beautiful soul, ONLY with a harmonious participation with all life forms, and more particular with all humans.

His own individual well-being is interconnected, and interrelated with the well-being of the entire human race.

His WELL-BEING is dependent on the well-being of the others.

If not, he will be like a CRIPPLED, WITHERED FLOWER.