Darwin and his concept of evolution – is it so?

The origin of species, as proposed by Charles Darwin, had its origin in the fertile mind of Darwin.

Evolution is an unproven theory based on questionable premises. Not only is this theory unproven, it is unprovable. Why? No one has ever created a human primate out of an ape primate and no one ever will. Scientifically speaking, unless such a procedure has been gone through
in making a human out of a monkey, we cannot come to this conclusion, merely based on fanciful conjectures of trying to make two plus two plus two equal nineteen.

Evolution is psychological, not physiological. Furthermore, if you consider resemblance to be a criterion for evolution, why not a donkey instead of a monkey, for a donkey’s milk is the closest to a mother’s milk, which is why donkey’s milk is sometimes given to new-born babies.

So if you consider yourself to be a glorious descendent of the mammals, you have a remarkable choice now depending on who you wish to – either a donkey or a monkey.

Of course your wild behaviour resembles more of a monkey even though you bray like a donkey in your exciting debates over your evolutionary concepts. And that too, at Oxford, the centre of learning, to be debated over by eminent biologists who know not what their primal origin is.

Therefore the proposition unfolded by the evolutionists is either laudable or laughable. Laudable that they have the courage to propound such an absurd theory and to not only believe it, but have the impudence to teach it in schools. This is what is called as indoctrination.

So what are they arguing about the indoctrination of the Church?! The Church’s indoctrination is as fanciful as yours.

Though the Bible speaks of the matter entirely differently.

It speaks of, in the beginning before creation, God alone was. Then, the Spirit of God was hovering over the formless, timeless, spaceless and empty universe. Then the Spirit of God set in motion the formation of the universe in the firmament with the twinkling stars to twinkle over the Heaven and the Earth. Thus in due course, He formed the Earth to energise it with its life-giving sun and moon, and made each species after each species appear and take residence on Planet Earth. In this process, He created each species separately, indicating that the transformation from one species to another was independent. That is He created each species independently and in His final act, He created man in His own image on the sixth day and put His stamp of signature in the ground of man’s mortal existence.

For that enigmatic ground is not only the ground of man’s existence but of the universe too. For the universe sprung from God and is suspended by God, acquiring its sustenance from God ever present within man’s mortal existence in the ground of his soul.

So it’s high time that man gets grounded into the Reality of his being instead of getting lost in his fancies or fanciful concepts of evolution.

In conclusion, man must have the good sense to look into his Divine origins presented in the Book of Genesis which speaks of the origin of man and thereby revert back to his pristine glorious status as God. Thereby he fulfils and completes the intent and the circle of creation.

With this the game of life with its Divine origin is over.

P.S. It’s well known that a mouse, dog or even a cow knows how to get back home even if taken somewhere several miles away. Who gave that intelligence to those animals? Now I want to know who gave you your intelligence (to get back home)?