Christian Mysticism & the Bhagavad Gita [Video]

The basis of Christian mysticism is the Bible and the mystical experiences of the Christian mystics. The Bible is a mystical book of wisdom.

The Mystic way is a pathless path, and your life is the path.

I AM THE WAY. That is I Awareness is the way. This I Awareness is the foundation of your religion. In the Bhagavad Gita this I Awareness is also mentioned and explained as to repose in the Atman which is the true Divine Self of one’s own existence.

Your daily bread is the ‘SPIRIT OF GOD’ to be rejoiced in the ‘IMAGE OF GOD’ present within man. Where was God’s image made in man, and how to so rejoice with I Awareness is the mystic way.

Thus to be in the mystical way, be poor in spirit and be a virgin soul to receive the Christ-Consciousness. To bring this about, be and live in the now. Being in the now will lead you to salvation. This is what is meant by the phrase ‘today is the day of salvation’.