The Mystery of Meditation & Meditative Living [AUDIO]

1. The state of meditation is to be in tune with your Divine nature.

2. In order to meditate, you should know on what you are to meditate.

3. To facilitate this process where was the imageless image of God
made in man so that you can be in tune with God.

4. How to be in tune with your God nature.

5. What is your God nature.

6. The Hindu term BRAHMAN signifies It, as unlimited, unbounded

7. Hence be in synchronicity with this state.

8. And thus maintain Non-Dual Awareness.

9. For this, forget three things.

10. In a meditative state you have to be Aware.

11. Why?

12. Because you have forgotten your God status.

13. Thus where to and how to be so Aware.

14. Living is a meditative exercise.

15. The occupation of living is meditative living.

PS. Thus why do you need any other occupation except for your bread
and butter? Thus will you peacefully live with yourself wherever you