Spiritual Teachings

Swami Yogeshwarananda Giri

“The following teachings when read sequentially in the order laid out will progressively open out and reveal an abundance of Spiritual knowledge and wisdom for the truly discerning Spiritual aspirant to ponder & reflect upon.”

A Spiritual education is being presented here.

It is an attempt to revive the true spirit of the teachings given by the Avatars and Messiahs.

There was not a word of religion in their teachings.

They presented a WAY OF LIFE leading to Salvation.

This WAY OF LIFE is based on universal spiritual laws of life, equally applicable to one and all.

These universal spiritual laws are not a Hindu or Christian or Buddhist laws or truths of life.

Just as science is not an Indian, German, Russian or American law of science, each separate, and disparate from each other.

There is no such thing called a Hindu Moksha or a Christ Doctrine of Salvation or a Buddhist Nirvana each disparate in their teaching from each other.

Thus, the WAY TO GOD or NIRVANA is one and the same for the entire human race.

The same aspiration,

The same human fallacies and same human weaknesses.

The same human problem.

The same human life.

Therefore the same solution.

Then what is RELIGION???

It is the PERSONAL DIALOGUE which each has with God.

You are the starting point of your religion.

You are its end point too.

THE DAILY LIVING OF LIFE IS YOUR RELIGION. Your daily acts is your ritual, which will sanctify you.

Therefore you have to EVOLVE your religion based on your current nature and disposition to act and be.

You are an ever growing, ever evolving phenomena. You grow and evolve in wisdom, and understanding.

Thus correspondingly your religion too evolves along with you.

Thus you do not stagnate with the accumulated stench of bygone years of ignorance.

For there are that many religions in the world as that many individuals.

It is an intensely personal and private affair with God.

YOUR WORSHIP IS INTENSELY PERSONAL and concerns no-one else.

God will guide you and GRACE you by and by with the Holy Spirit as HE deems fit.

In the meanwhile you will have to deserve His Grace by living a NOBLE LIFE.

That is why Lord Buddha used the phrase, THE NOBLE EIGHTFOLD PATH.

And in the Hindu tradition correspondingly too, THE ASHTANGA YOGA of PATANJALI, has been advocated as a spiritual means to Salvation.

This resonates with what the Buddha taught

And THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT contained in the Gospels as taught by Jesus is self-complete for man’s Salvation.

In short, I could say that the living of life is a beautiful and enriching experience.

To be enriched with WISDOM.

Now proceed on:

With an open mind, with all your mind windows open, so that the sweet fragrance of the fresh wind may blow in, and the stench of accumulated stale air may be blown out.

Breathe the fresh air, and you may not need the lungs to breath in and out.

As you are breathing the “TRUE BREATH OF LIFE”.

Section One – Truth Enquiry

Section Two – Spiritual Truths