The Divine Virtues ebook

“Dharma bereft of virtue is no dharma. The virtue of goodness-in-being sanctifies life. Nobility is the hallmark of one abiding in God.” Swami Yogeshwarananda Giri This short booklet of 35 pages is a transcribe from a series of talks given by Swami Yogeshwarananda Giri on “The Divine Virtues” in which Swamiji takes us through a

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Swami Yogeshwarananda Giri He instructs spiritual seekers in mystical knowledge and the wisdom teachings. He translates the essence of ancient scriptural teachings in ways we can understand and live by today. Access to this knowledge, and how to apply it in our daily lives, is the gift Swamiji brings us. Those who listen and learn,

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The Synthesis Of Yogic Wisdom [Audio]

Yoga means to get reconnected to your Divine nature. Yoga is a mind science, it has got the following as it’s features: A. The acquisition of knowledge and wisdom as to WHO I AM and then to be centred in your Atman. B. The living of life itself is a yoga of action and actions

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The Practice of True religion

TRUE FAITH: FAITH IN GOD is only True Faith, and not in a religion. WHY? God is the eternal sublime Truth and that is what you seek and want in your life. While religion is a man-made institute and fabrication. Fabricated by the ingenuity of the human mind as a social institute. Thus religions are

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True Faith

It should be noted, that religious affiliation does not necessarily imply and indicate TRUE FAITH. TRUE FAITH is in God, the Truth of life. When one has true faith, then one is true, sincere and good. One cannot do harm and be wicked. One is kind and noble.

The Secret Of Religion

True religion is a private affair with God. Thus, there are as many religions in the world, as there are individuals. I am the starting point of my religion. I am its end point too.

Revelation: or Scriptural Authority Part 3

Anointed by God: What does it mean? Came directly from God. While mortal man is anointed by the Holy Spirit. When so anointed, by the Holy Spirit sanctification occurs. When one is so sanctified, the SINS get washed. Thereby one becomes a purified soul.